The SEASDR_40 is a simple and inexpensive front-end that connected to a PC which run a program such as WINRAD, HDSDR, SDRADIO, etc., allows you to have a great receiver for the 40 meter band. Since there are only three chip SMD to solder, SEASDR_40 is the ideal solution for those who want try to building a Software Defined Radio receiver without any problems. The local oscillator frequency is 7080.5 KHz, therefore, with a sound card with sampling frequency equal to 192 KHz, it is possible to receive from 6984.5 KHz to 7176.5 KHz, that is to say a good part of the range.  SEASDR_40 requires a dc power supply from 6V to 24V and connects to the PC by the stereo input of sound card (for example OUT I to Left channel and OUT Q to right channel)By replacing the oscillator and the input band pass filter  it is possible receive others bands. Power, antenna and I/Q audio signal connections are made by 2.54 mm PCB vertical mount terminals. The board size is 76x38mm. The kit does not include the power supply and the connections cables.